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Cookware Suits

Type : Cookware
Material : Aluminum
Handle : Stainless steel
Lid : Tempered Glass Lid
Exterior : Heat Resistant Coating
Interior : Nonstick Stone Coating
Bottom : Induction
Packing : Customized

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Environmentally friendly coating is super non-stick and scratch resistant.
Made from high quality aluminium.
Heat resistant soft touch silicone coated 'easy-grip' handle.
Heat diffusing base heats up faster and retains heat for longer.
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
Quality alloy material.
Ceramic Induction Pot 2Set
(16cm 18cm)
Ceramic Induction Pot 3Set
(16cm 18cm 22cm)
Ceramic Induction Pot 5Set
(16cm 18cm 20cm 22cm 24cm)